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When you say the registered keyword, it will be recorded and recorded and sent by e-mail[en]

From version 2.3.0, when you say the registered keyword, you can record and record your voice and send it by e-mail

In general, this feature will be rarely used.

But why do we need this feature?

For example, in case of an emergency.

It is effective when you want to notify someone or call the police when a robbery comes when you work alone at a late-night part-time job.

As an effective means at that time, you can automatically record your voice and video by speaking the registered keyword (for example, a person's name). At the same time, an e-mail can be sent to the administrator without being known by the criminal.

Another time is when you need to figure out when you want to start recording or recording.

For example, if the date, time and place of an important discussion are decided, it would be good to prepare in advance and record and record, but there are times when an important discussion suddenly starts unexpectedly.

At that time, it may be difficult to leave your seat and go get a recorder, but if you have a computer that is ready to record with a keyword, there is no need to panic.

Please help us in your important situations.

* Audio files are created in the "PC > Documents > MiraiVision_ASURA > User" folder

The file name will be "ASURA_sound_yyyyMMdd_hhmmss.mp3

Voice files are saved every 15 minutes, so it's very easy to use


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us


MIRAI VISION OFFICE is making surveillance camera software "ASURA" with face recognition and recording function

I would like to make applications using AI as daily necessities so that anyone can use them easily

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