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You can now record from your microphone[en]

Updated: Jun 5

From version 2.2.0, it is now possible to record from a microphone connected to your PC.

It has two functions.

One is a function that divides and records at specified time intervals.

The other is a function that responds and records only when the voice is heard.

This function will stop recording after the specified time.

This is useful when you want to secretly leave reliable evidence.

For example, let's say that you want to secretly record audio or record a video when there is evidence that someone else has entered while you are away. However, installing a surveillance camera in the room will make it feel unnatural when friends and relatives visit.

However, it is not unnatural if there is only a computer.

And if your laptop is closed, for example, no one will think you are recording. (The USB camera should be placed discreetly for video recording.)

This Basic function is only for audio recording, but if you combine it with Detect motion and start recording, you can also record video.

Please use them in combination.

* Audio files are created in the "PC > Documents > MiraiVision_ASURA > User" folder.

The file name will be "ASURA_sound_yyyyMMdd_hhmmss.mp3".

Audio files are saved in 15-minute segments, so it's very easy to use.


Please see here for the setting method.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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My name is Taguchi, and I created the face recognition software "ASURA" with a surveillance camera function.

We would like to make AI-based applications easy for anyone to use as everyday items.

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