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AI as daily necessities

"We want to provide a face recognition system that can be easily used by ordinary people who are not familiar with IT."

In general, face recognition systems require special equipment and are quite expensive.

A face recognition system that can be used with an ordinary PC with a web camera that costs about 1,000 yen should be easy to use.
That's why I created ASURA.

"ASURA" is a face recognition application with a surveillance camera function.
・You can see the number of visits of visitors
・You can leave a message for your visitors
・You can guess the sex and age of the visitor and leave the CSV data.
・E-mail can be automatically sent to the staff when a person is reflected in the web camera.
・Automatically create a video only while a person is reflected in the web camera.

・Play audio files only while a person is reflected in the web camera

It is also effective for crime prevention and stalking measures.
The good thing about this application is that you can send e-mails, record, and play sounds depending on two scenes of a specific person and an unspecified person.

Also, you can see the visitor's face in a list immediately, and you can download the date and time when the photo was taken as a csv file.

In addition, you can search what kind of person visited by specifying the date and time.

Such a feature is not often seen in ordinary surveillance cameras.

Please play it first.
It is fun.

Supported OS: Platform ~Ver 1.2.5: Windows 10 or Windows 11 / 64bit
Supported OS: Platform Ver 2.0.0~: Windows 11 / 64bit

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