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How about free security measures and stalking measures?[en]

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

This time, we will introduce how to effectively use the face recognition app "ASURA" with surveillance camera function.

This is a security measure and a stalker measure.

What if someone was looking into your house when you were away?

It ’s a little creepy, is n’t it?

And wouldn't it be scary if you were seen regularly?

However, installing a security camera costs hundreds of thousands of yen. (in Japan's case)

Also, if it is a rental apartment, you will need the consent of the landlord to install it.

How about the face authentication app "ASURA" with a surveillance camera function as a security measure?

It is an application that records a visitor's face image just like a security camera by simply connecting a Windows 11 PC and a USB webcam.

There is a simple overview of Youtube, so please have a look first.

How is it? Why don't you try it first?

The installation method is also described on this page.

* If you have any questions, please contact us from "Ask me anything" at the bottom of the page.

Let's use it immediately after installation.


Now let's move on to security measures.

Criminals and stalkers will have pre-examined your home.

Therefore, attach the USB camera to the window near the door of the house or the window near the balcony.

Install it so that the human face is in front of you as much as possible.
It may not be recognized as a profile

Problems can occur here.

If the computer and webcam are far apart, you may not be able to connect.

To solve this, consider purchasing a USB extension cord.

This is the site of a Japanese manufacturer.

There will be similar manufacturers in your country.

It seems that there are various types of extension cables up to 30m.

It's a good idea to put a sticker on the door of your house that says "Security camera recording".

The visitor's face is preserved in this way.

The nice thing about this application is that you don't have to fast forward the recorded video to look for a person's face like a security camera.

As mentioned above, the faces of the visitors can be seen immediately in the list, and the date and time of shooting can be downloaded with csv.

You can also specify the date and time to search for who visited.

Security cameras do not have such a function.

Would you like to give it a try?


My name is Taguchi, and I created the face recognition software "ASURA" with a surveillance camera function.

We would like to make AI-based applications easy for anyone to use as daily necessities.

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