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Observe without learning

[Do not let ASURA learn in order to continue 24-hour monitoring]​
Normally, when ASURA learns, shooting is forced to end when the number of new visitors reaches 100, and shooting cannot be resumed until it learns.

In that case, in order to continue monitoring as a surveillance camera for 24 hours, it is necessary to set ASURA not to learn.
​Even if you set it to not learn, you can still set the settings for sending emails and recording for visitors who have learned in the past.

If you set it not to learn, no new people will be added to the visitor list displayed when you click the red frame.


Click the red frame.


Click the "Do you want ASURA to learn faces?" tab.
Click "Don't let ASURA learn visitor's face".


[Step 3]
The setting that does not let ASURA learn faces is over.
Start shooting as usual.


You can continue monitoring for 24 hours.


* Depending on the PC settings, it may be stopped by Windows update etc.
* New visitors cannot be remembered.

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