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From version 1.2.0 ASURA has incorporated the GPU version into the regular version.

The GPU version is fast, so if you have a computer with NVIDIA's GTX series or RTX series, the processing speed will be greatly improved.

* For GPU products other than NVIDIA, the processing speed will be normal.

* Download is possible only on PC

Downloading is not possible because the download of version 2.0.0 is being prepared​.

How to install

Please unzip the downloaded file.

The unzipped installation file “MiraiVisionASURAsetup ???. Exe” has been proved to be safe because it has a digital signature. (code signing certificate) (registered in the name of the representative).


Just double-click to install.

However, until Windows Defender recognizes it, the following screen will be displayed.

In this case, click "More info".


Click "Run anyway" to start the installation.

After that, click "Next" and the installation is completed.


How to uninstall

Please do so from "Uninstall a program" in "Control Panel".
Specifically, click Start Menu, then select Windows System Tools from the W menu list.

In addition, click Windows System Tools and then Control Panel.
Set the display method of "Control Panel" to the category and click "Uninstall a program".

Double-click "MiraivisionASURA version X.X.X" from the displayed list to uninstall.

Even if you uninstall it, the following folders in My Documents will not be deleted.
C: \ Users \ {user name} \ Documents \ MiraiVision_ASURA
Delete it if necessary.

Version upgrade method:
Please install in the same way as the installation method without uninstalling in advance.
Uninstalling it will result in the loss of important data.

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