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AI as daily necessities

A surveillance camera function has been added from version 2.0.
When a person is seen in the web camera, you can send an e-mail, make a video, or play a recorded voice.

Always free!

Face recognition application with security camera function

For individuals, the security camera function will be useful.

If you use the motion detection function and the human detection function, the security camera is ready.

It can also sound an alarm when an intruder appears while you are away from home.

It can solve various problems for small retail stores, hotels, etc.
Large-scale chain stores and hotels can systemize their business with ample budget.
On the other hand, for small businesses, systemization such as AI is difficult both financially and technically.
I would like ASURA to be used as a means to fill this gap.


A security camera system that requires construction work and is expensive cannot be installed.
ASURA offers standard security camera features such as motion detection and recording.

When someone who has caused problems in the past comes to the store, I want to notify the person in charge immediately
A function that learns the faces of people who have visited the store can send an e-mail to the person in charge after detecting the person in question.

You want to record important scenes with audio and video evidence, but the operation of difficult equipment is expensive and difficult to use.
Voice recording, video recording, and automatic e-mail transmission are possible simply by uttering the keywords registered by the staff.

specific example

Taking over notes

For example, if a customer who does not have contact information forgets something, the next time the customer visits the store, the item can be returned if the customer remembers the person.
However, as time passes, people forget their faces, and forget things.
With ASURA, you can leave a memo for someone who has forgotten something.
Then, when that person comes to the store and is reflected in the web camera, you can indicate in color that there is a memo or send an e-mail to the staff.
This can be resolved by looking at notes or receiving e-mails, even if the staff who are serving customers at that time do not know the fact that the item was left behind in the past.

The visit of an unwelcome person

For example, you can leave a memo for the person who caused the problem in the past, or send an e-mail to the person in charge.
Recording can be started automatically, and voice recording and e-mail can be sent by uttering keywords registered by the staff.

Even in a dangerous situation where an unwanted person is in front of you and you cannot operate your PC, you can use your voice to notify the third party of the danger.

If you look around the world, there are many sole proprietors who run retail stores in dangerous areas, and there will be situations where ASURA will be useful.

Detect people and sound an alarm

The next example is a function that sounds an alarm when you are away from home or when a person enters a restricted area such as a store at night.
This is not just a motion detection, but an automatic alarm when a human is detected.

Therefore, even if the dog or cat moves, the alarm will not sound.
There are several types of alarms, including sirens, barking dogs, and even human voices.
Also, since it is possible to register an audio file that records your own voice, it can be used for purposes other than warnings.
For example, it is conceivable to leave a voice for a child who comes home while he is away.

Extract the face and use it for SNS

The next example is a little different, but it's very useful, and it's also a feature of AI. This feature is provided free of charge.
The latest version 2.6.0 adds a function that allows you to extract the face parts of all people and correct the size and brightness of the output image simply by dragging and dropping a folder of image files containing people. rice field.
This function is suitable for use as an icon for SNS, etc. used within the organization by staff at retail stores, hotels, etc.
Doing this manually is difficult.
After cutting out the face part of each person and enlarging or reducing the size of the face using Microsoft paint etc., it is necessary to use Microsoft Photo etc. to brighten the dark image of the face. there is.
Ordinarily, ordinary people do not know how to do this, so they often ask web designers to do it.
ASURA can reduce that cost and effort.

Basic features

Explains how to use Basic and Advanced functions

I will explain how to detect webcam movement and start recording when the threshold value is met.

I'll show you how to record indefinitely and record only when you hear voice.

Extracts faces from images containing people and corrects their size and brightness.

Describes how to adjust the threshold for starting e-mail transmission, recording, etc.

I will explain how to detect webcam movement and start sending email and recording when the threshold value is met.

This section explains how to remotely monitor using IP cameras.

I will explain how to detect the movement of the web camera and send an email when the threshold value is met.

Explains how to remotely monitor using a smartphone.

You can now specify the storage period and storage capacity of audio and video files.

Advanced features

After preparing the web camera connected to the PC, start shooting.

Leave a message about a visitor's forgotten items.

I will explain the settings to send an email when the web camera detects a person.

Describes settings to play an audio file when the webcam detects a person.

Describes how to register the name of the photographed visitor.

I will explain the CSV file of the visit history.

I will explain the settings to create a video when the webcam captures a specific person.

It is a method to monitor 24 hours a day without letting "ASURA" learn.The (Basic function is originally available 24 hours a day)

Learn your visitor's face to help you plan your next visit.

Learn how to send an email when a specific person arrives.

Describes the settings to create a video when the webcam detects a person.

Record, record, and send e-mail when you speak the registered keyword.

Keyboard and Mouse

ASURA is very easy to operate

Search for saved people

You can graph your visit history

Set a message and check it on your next visit

I want to know more details?

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